Tyrannosaurus rex STAN™ 1/6 Scale Skull Rapid Prototype – Fossil Replica


Thirty-nine individual elements (plus the brain case) were CT scanned in order to create this reproduction of the most complete and undistorted T. rex skull ever found. The digital data was then transferred to a 3-D rapid prototype machine that created an exact sixth scale replica. The rapid prototype bones were then molded and assembled into this complete T. rex skull cast.


This skull preserves every detail including bite marks and tiny foramina from the original five foot long skull which has been reduced to a mere ten inches in length.

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Age Late Cretaceous [~66 MYA]
Locality Hell Creek Formation, Harding County, South Dakota, USA
Source Bone Clones®
Size 1/6th scale, ~ 10” l (25 cm)
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