Tyrannosaurus rex STAN™ 1/6 Scale Educator’s Skull Set – Fossil Replica


The disarticulated version of the Tyrannosaurus rex STAN™ affords close examination of the individual elements of the skull. This premium quality hard case was custom-made specifically for this product to allow for convenient storage and transportation. The case is designed with three trays, each lined with foam for the protection and easy removal of the bones. Supplied with either version of the skull is a 12-page packet, which describes the discovery of STAN™, provides photographs of each skull bone and includes an extensive report on the cranial morphology of T. rex.


Thirty-nine individual elements (plus the brain case) of STAN™’s five foot long skull were CT scanned to create this reproduction of the most complete and undistorted T. rex skull ever found. The digital data was then transferred to a 3-D rapid prototype machine that created a precise 1/6th scale replica. The rapid prototype bones were then molded and assembled into this complete T. rex skull cast.


The Disarticulated Skull Set is a disassembled version of the T.rex STAN™ 1/6th Scale Rapid Prototype Skull that offers endless opportunities for hands-on learning, allowing each of STAN™’s skull bones to be examined and studied individually.


The Educator’s Skull Set combines the T. rex STAN 1/6th Scale Skull Rapid Prototype (resin) and the T. rex STAN™ 1/6th Scale Disarticulated Skull Set to provide optimum learning at a discounted price.


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The best dinosaur skull of any kind! Rapid Prototyped and cast at 1/6th Scale. Articulated Disarticulated in three custom trays.


Age Late Cretaceous [~66 MYA]
Locality Hell Creek Formation, Harding County, South Dakota, USA
Source Bone Clones®
Size 1/6th scale, ~ 10” l (25 cm)
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