The Star-Crossed Stone – Book


Original and outstanding, this book is a fascinating story about sea urchin fossils from Neolithic times to the present. It traces the evolution of myth making but is much more than a summary of folklore. Combining archaeology, paleontology, legends, and anthropology in a way that will delight general and scientific readers alike.


The star-crossed sea urchin played an interesting role in the beliefs and traditions of early humans. Using the fossil in an attempt to unlock the ancient mind, the author brings a seemingly inconsequential fossil to the attention of the world. A captivating read!


Contains black-and-white illustrations and photographs.

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Credit By Kenneth J. McNamara
Source University of Chicago Press
Notes Hardcover, 272 pages
Size ~ 9″ l x 6″ w x 1″ h (23 x 15 x 3 cm)


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