The Lost World of Fossil Lake -Book


The landscape around Fossil, Wyoming is beautiful but harsh. Today the region is inhabited by a small mountain desert community, but during the early Eocene it was a subtropical lake basin teeming with prehistoric life. Buried within the limestone is spectacular and abundant evidence of the plentiful flora and fauna of the ancient past.


Paleontologists have been excavating specimens from Fossil Butte in the Green River Formation for more than 150 years. Go on a captivating historical journey through the discovery and exploration of the site through the eyes of one of the world’s leading experts on this locality. Learn about the broad range of creatures found there; from single-celled organisms to trees and crocodiles.


A field guide rounds out the book, enabling readers to identify and classify most of the known fossils from the site.  Filled with stunning full-color photographs, this book is a magnificent window into our planet’s ancient past.

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Credit By Lance Grande
Source University of Chicago Press
Notes Hardcover, 425 pages
Size ~ 10″ l x 8″ w x 1.5″ h (25 x 20 x 4 cm)


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