The Duel of Triceratops – Favorite Figurine – Mini Scene


PVC mini figure of Triceratops, a favorite enemy of Tyrannosaurus. It’ s an easy size to display, so you can put it anywhere you like, such as around your desk or as an accent on a shelf. Comes with an information card to serve as a background mount.


Triceratops duel for supremacy. Examination of what appear to be healed skull injuries has led many paleontologists to believe Triceratops engaged in battles very similar to this one. This scene is brought to life with exquisite detail.


There are various theories about the function of the three horns and the frill extending from the back of the head to the top of the neck, which were used for intimidation and defense against predators, territorial competition among the same species, and courtship.


Age Cretaceous
Locality North America
Credit Mr. Takashi Oda and Mr. Hiroshige Tokugawa
Size 9″ l x 5.5″ w x 6″ h (23 x 14 x 16 cm)





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