Styracosaurus – Soft Model – Series 1 – Fossil Art & Collectibles


1/50 scale model from a series of high quality, environmentally friendly PVC dinosaurs called ‘Soft Models’.


Favorite Collection’s line of dinosaur toys are the highest quality PVC (a somewhat rigid yet flexible material) dinosaur toys available. Like the manufacturer’s collectible resin models, these dinosaur toys are hand-painted and exceptionally detailed. They are the most scientifically accurate dinosaur toys available.


The material has been determined by a German testing company to be environmentally friendly. It is a high quality polyvinylchloride, which is halogen-free and heavy metal-free. There is no release of hydrochloric acid when burning and there is no dioxin production if burning improperly. There is no hardening in the stomach or intestinal tract if swallowed. Please compare these properties to other dinosaur toys on the market.


All toys are individually bubble-packed. Collect them all!


Age Cretaceous
Locality North America
Source Favorite Collection
Size 6.75″ l x 2″ w x 3″ h (17 x 5 x 7.5 cm)


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