Smilodon sp. Skull – Fossil Replica


Smilodon was the largest saber-toothed cat that ever lived. It is best known from the 1000+ specimens found at the La Brea tar deposits in Los Angeles California, although it ranged all over North and South America. Smilodon was a very powerful animal, about the size of a modern day lion, but with more robust and powerful forelimbs. Smilodon’s bobtail suggests that instead of chasing down its victims it would lie in wait, ambushing its unsuspecting prey using its long canines to slash through the victim’s throat severing the windpipe and cutting the jugular. Despite such violence evidence suggests, they probably lived in small social groups caring for the young, old and even the sick members of the pride.


This beautifully presented replica has magnificent detail. The openings for auditory and optical nerves into the brain case are present, and the sabers are an enormous 6″ long.


Presented on a custom steel base.


Display alone or with comparative skulls as part of a more comprehensive exhibit on Ice Age Mammals.

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Age Late Pleistocene (about 11,000 years ago)
Locality Rancho La Brea, Los Angeles, CA
Source A Bone Clones® reproduction, from a specimen at L.A. County Museum of Natural History.
Notes Standard production time is 4 weeks, check with us to confirm build time and delivery.
Size ~ 13.5″ l (34 cm)


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