Neusticosaurus edwardsii sp. Skeleton on Slab – Display Replica


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Neusticosaurus edwardsii may have been an ancestor of the pleisiosaurs, and if not, it was closely related. It was a primitive, carnivorous, marine reptile that probably ate fish. It probably was an amphibious dweller in near-shore waters. Like modern reptiles, it had five digits in its hands and feet, and probably swam similarly to aquatic lizards or crocodiles. It was also very closely related to a Chinese pachypleurosaur, Keichousaurus.


Its remains have been found in Middle Triassic marine rocks of Europe.


Neusticosaurus specimens are rare. This item makes it possible for you to own a cast replica of one of the best originals of this genus we’ve ever seen.


Age Middle Triassic [~ 230MYA]
Locality Switzerland
Size ~ 12″ l (30 cm)




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