Evolution of Fossil Ecosystems – Book


Major advances in our understanding of the history of life on Earth have resulted from the study of exceptionally well-preserved fossil sites. Study of such sites from around the world and from different periods in geological time can provide a fairly complete picture of the evolution of ecosystems through the ages. With this aim in mind, the authors have brought together summaries of 14 of the better-known fossil Lagerstätten, beautifully illustrated throughout by over 250 color photographs and diagrams. Following a general introduction to fossil Lagerstätten, each chapter deals with a single fossil site and follows the same format: its evolutionary position and significance; its background sedimentology, stratigraphy and paleoenvironment; a description of the biota and paleoecology, and a comparison with other similar Lagerstätten.


There are appendices of further reading, relevant museums and suggestions for visiting the sites. This book will be of value to a wide range of students and professionals in palaeontology and related sciences, and to amateur enthusiasts.

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Credit By Paul Selden, John R. Nudds
Source Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Notes Paperback, 192 pages
Size 10.5″ l x 8″ w x .5″ h (26.7 x 20.3 x 1.3 cm)


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