Dino Press Vol. 6 – Magazine – Book


The premier dinosaur magazine from Japan! The Dino Press periodical series was published in 2000 – 2002. Contains information about dinosaurs, pterosaurs, marine reptiles, and a variety of extinct animals from past geologic time periods. Well-known paleontologists, illustrators, and sculptors from all over the world contributed to Dino Press with their latest and interesting reports, theories, paintings, photos, and other work relevant to the scope of the magazine.


Beautiful and in-depth. Written in Japanese, with an accompanying B/W transcript of the text in English (including caption and figure descriptions).


The contents of this issue

  1. The North American Museum of Ancient Life by Neal L. Larson 

  2. Wandering into Asteroids by Douglas Henderson 

  3. Utahraptor and Its World by Jim Kirkland Ph. D. 

  4. “DinoPress” Dino-Tour by Yoshio Ito 

  5. A Hundred Episodes on Ancient Animals Part 6: T-rex by Shinobu Matsumura 

  6. Following Dinosaur Tracks in Italy by Ryuichi Kaneko 

  7. Brief Diary and Highlights of the Sixty-First Annual Meeting, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology by Luis Rey 

  8. The Greatest Dino-Time Travel Tales of All Time’ by Allen A. Debus 

  9. Collecting Pre-1970’s Dinosaur Toys and Figures by Mike Fredericks  Prehistoric Times Magazine 

  10. Conneticut Valley Footprints from 1802 to Now by Peter M. Galton 

  11. Discovering Dinosaurs in Chile: Adventure and Thrill at the Atacama Desert by Alexander W. A. Kellner 

  12. The Birds Came First: A Scenario for Avian Origins and Early Evolution by George Olshevsky 

  13. Interview Paul Sereno by Tony Campagna 

  14. Dinosaurs 2002 Column 5: Masiakasaurus by George Olshevsky 

  15. Visiting Museums in the Land of the White Night by Tetsuto Miyashita

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Source Published by Aurora Oval in Japan.
Notes 130 pages
Size ~11.25″ x 8.25″ (29 x 19 cm)
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