Dino Press Vol. 5 – Magazine – Book


The premier dinosaur magazine from Japan! The Dino Press periodical series was published in 2000 – 2002. Contains information about dinosaurs, pterosaurs, marine reptiles, and a variety of extinct animals from past geologic time periods. Well-known paleontologists, illustrators, and sculptors from all over the world contributed to Dino Press with their latest and interesting reports, theories, paintings, photos, and other work relevant to the scope of the magazine.


Beautiful and in-depth. Written in Japanese, with an accompanying B/W transcript of the text in English (including caption and figure descriptions).


The contents of this issue

  1. Making of “Walking with Dinosaurs” by Daren Horley 

  2. The Famous Cretaceous Lagerstaetten of Lebanon by Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia 

  3. Paleopathologies in Tyrannosaurus rex by Peter L. Larson 

  4. A Hundred Episodes on Ancient Animals Part 5: Wing of Flying Reptile by Shinobu Matsumura
  5. A New Dinosaur Grave in Lufeng Basin Yunnan China by Dong Zhiming

  6. Welcome to our Dinosaur Diorama! – Robots in Expo-Festival by Yoshihiko Okazaki
  7. Following Dinosaur Tracks in Switzerland and Italy by Ryuichi Kaneko 

  8. Dinosaur Spell – A hobby that became a profession by Karol Sabath 

  9. Eotyrannus lengi, a new coelurosaur from the Isle of Wight by Darren Naish
  10. Bring Dinosaur Back to Life by Nelson Maniscalco 

  11. Theropod dinosaurs (almost) no one knows: Dandakosaurus, Bahariasaurus and others by Ralph E. Molnar 

  12. The Birds Came First: A Scenario for Avian Origins and Early Evolution by George Olshevsky 

  13. Interview Douglas Henderson June 2001 by Tony Campagna 

  14. Dinosaur Tracking in the 21st Century by Martin Lockley

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Source Published by Aurora Oval in Japan.
Notes 130 pages
Size ~11.25″ x 8.25″ (29 x 19 cm)
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