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The premier dinosaur magazine from Japan! The Dino Press periodical series was published in 2000 – 2002. Contains information about dinosaurs, pterosaurs, marine reptiles, and a variety of extinct animals from past geologic time periods. Well-known paleontologists, illustrators, and sculptors from all over the world contributed to Dino Press with their latest and interesting reports, theories, paintings, photos, and other work relevant to the scope of the magazine.


Beautiful and in-depth. Written in Japanese, with an accompanying B/W transcript of the text in English (including caption and figure descriptions)

The contents of this issue:

  1. Sue From The Field by Sue Hendrickson
  2. A Dinosaur Ready to Fly by Xu Xing
  3. A Hundred Episodes on Ancient Animals – Episode
  4. Mystery of Feathered Dinosaurs by Shinobu Matsumura
  5. New Restorations of Feathered Dinosaurs by Seji Yamamoto
  6. A Bird’s-Eye View of Museum: Natural History Museums on the East Cost of the US by Ichiro Fukuhara
  7. John J. Lanzendorf – The King of Dinosaur Art Collectors by Mike Skrepnick
  8. Exploring Early Evolution of Ichthyosaurs in the Canadian Rockies: Excavation of the Largest
  9. Marine Reptile by Makoto Manabe & Elizabeth L. Nicholls
  10. Tapejara imperator – An Unusual Flying Reptile (Pterosaur) from the Ancient Skies of Brazilby Alexander Wilhelm Armin Kellner
  11. Our Love Affair with Dinosaurs by Robert J. Sawyer
  12. On a Pack of Theropods from Argentina by Philip J. Currie
  13. The Social Lives of Giant Killer Dinosaurs by Don Lessem
  14. Following Dinosaur Tracks in Thailand by Ryuichi Kaneko
  15. Reconstructing an Ancient Forest From Fossils in Amber by George Poinat, Jr.
  16. Growth Patterns of Dinosaurs by Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan


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Source Published by Aurora Oval in Japan.
Notes 100 pages
Size ~11.25″ x 8.25″ (29 x 19 cm)
Extras These outstanding magazines sold for $25 each. Now $10 each, while supplies last. Purchase a set of issues 1 – 6 at an even lower price. See “Dino Press Set of 6” in the “Related Products” list below.


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