Cephalopods Present and Past – Book


This book brings together an international group of scientists focusing on present-day and fossil cephalopods, ranging broadly from Paleozoic ammonoids to today’s octopods. It has sections dealing with systematics and evolution, descriptions of hard- and soft part morphology and ecology, biogeography, and taphonomy.


Several highlights include new evidence for the existence of an ink sack in fossil ammonoids, a biogeographic study of clymeniid ammonoids throughout the world, the first record of a radula in baculite ammonoids, and an in-depth study of octopus ecology in Alaska. The book is remarkable in its treatment of both fossil and living forms at the same time, with the aim of presenting the wide diversity of cephalopods now and in the past.

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Credit Edited by Neil H. Landman, Richard Arnold Davis and Royal H. Mapes, with two articles by Neal L. Larson
Source Published by Springer
Notes Hardcover, 481 pages
Size ~ 9.5″ l x 6″ w x 1″ h (24 x 15 x 3 cm)


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