Allosaurus – Favorite Figurine – Skeleton Model


Dinosaur reconstruction artist Takashi Oda has created a realistic figure of a dinosaur skeleton that incorporates the latest theories.


1/15 scale model of the full skeleton of Allosaurus. Presented on a base with a brass ID plate.



One of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs representing the Jurassic period. Fossils of at least 60 individuals, ranging from young to adults, have been found in North America. Its appearance is characterized by the hump-like protrusion above its eyes, a large head over 1 meter long, thick and strong hind legs, and well-developed forelegs. It had a large head and a long, straight, massive tail that balanced its body well.


Age                 Jurassic

Dimensions   23″ l x 4.3″ w x 7″ h (L59 x W10 x H18 cm)



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